Software job management may be a science and art of leading and managing software jobs. It is also a sub-field of project administration in which software developments happen to be planned, accomplished, managed and controlled. Software assignments involve a variety of activities which include conceptualizing, building, documenting, assessment, evaluating, protection, upgrading and benchmarking. Program projects are often initiated, produced, managed and maintained simply by software companies or developers. The tasks can include software outsourcing to external companies that develop, maintain and support software products, design and test software products or provide software development providers for customer companies.

Prior to a software product is released to the market it goes thru various techniques such as feasibility study, useful analysis, requirements and architecture, testing, development and finalization. Software companies employ project managers, programmers, analysts, managers and other team members to execute the program development method. Project managers are responsible designed for organizing the different tasks involved within a software project and making sure deadlines are met. Performing the software task involves several tasks just like writing program code, examining the software, studying the benefits, modifying the software, documentation and user training. Once the project is completely executed, most commonly it is released to the consumer for use.

Software operations involves different complex jobs such as arranging and taking care of resources, quality assurance, time management, resource use, resource share, budget administration, risk management, documentation, testing, consumption analysis, technical support and bug tracking. Each of these responsibilities requires specialised knowledge. The task manager must balance the different tasks and priorities and in addition decide on appropriate software size, performance attributes and features. Software developers are responsible to get writing the cause code. Fortunately they are involved in the good quality assurance, time management, cost control and risikomanagement.

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